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Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

09:30am                     Light refreshments, juice, coffee, and tea

10:00am                     Welcome, meeting charge and overall process/methodology, and introductions

10:15am                     Brief Overview of the Chemotherapy Shortage, Dr. Yoram Unguru

Morning Session – Decision-making & Allocation Within Institutions

10:30am                     Dealing With Shortages at the Institutional Level, Dr. Philip Rosoff

10:45am                     Group Discussion (Facilitators: Steven Joffe, Yoram Unguru)

The discussion will focus on decision-making and allocation decisions at the “local level,” i.e., within individual institutions. Topics for discussion include information needs, institutional obstacles, ethical challenges including possible preferential access for clinical trial participants, relevant stakeholders, ethical frameworks for decision-making, and prioritization of scarce drugs within institutions.

12:00pm                   Working Lunch

12:20pm                   Regional Approaches to Coordinating Scarce Resources, Mr. Howard Gwon

12:30pm                   Federal Response to Drug Shortages, Mr. W. Nicholson Price II

12:40pm                   Discussion


Afternoon Session – Coordination and Cooperation Across Institutions

1:00pm                    Cooperative Group Response to the Drug Shortage, Dr. Brooke Bernhardt

1:15pm                    Comments, Dr. Peter Adamson

1:20pm                    Rationale for Coordination, Dr. Matthew DeCamp

1:30pm                    Group Discussion – Rationale for and challenges to coordination (Facilitators: Yoram Unguru, Matt DeCamp)

The discussion will focus on the necessity for cross-institutional coordination; ethical justifications and a framework for coordination; clinician/researcher’s obligations to privilege one’s own patients; locus of responsibility for coordination (role of government, industry, cooperative groups, and professional societies); and obstacles to coordination (e.g., stockpiling and the gray market).

  • Should we coordinate?  Why or why not?
  • How might we coordinate?
  • Barriers to coordination

2:35pm                   Break

2:45pm                   Discussion – How should we coordinate?

  • Institutional structures & processes for   coordination
  • Role of professional societies
  • Role of cooperative groups
  • Role of other stakeholders (government,  industry, advocacy organizations)

3:45pm                    Summary, conclusions, and next steps

4:45pm                    Adjourn


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